THE IMPACT CAMPAIGN is a multi-year capital campaign that is being run by Restore Church to allow us to renovate a new space in North Haledon, NJ. 

The Vision of Restore Church is to be a church that glorifies God because of and through Jesus Christ. Jesus is central to everything that we do. Jesus love for us compels us to share the good news of what he has done through his life, death, and resurrection and share it with a world that desperately needs to hear that message.

Our mission is to spread that good news message by being a church with regional INFLUENCE and local IMPACT.

Regional INFLUENCE reminds us that every Christian is a missionary; we are ambassadors. Wherever we go, we are guided by the new way of living that is the kingdom of God. Local IMPACT reminds us that we are not just on individual missions, however; we, as a church, have a corporate mission. And that mission for Restore is to impact the town in which we gather. We want it to be really good news for whatever town we gather in to know that Restore is a part of their community.

When Restore was preparing to launch it's first public services as a church in January of 2012, the only building that we could find and afford was in North Haledon. Since then, we have come to believe that this is the town where he wants us to have IMPACT. That means that we partner with local businesses, meet local needs, serve the town at local events, and work with the town for the betterment of the town. It also means that if we are serious about North Haledon, we have to be wiling to commit to North Haledon.

THE IMPACT CAMPAIGN is about walking through a door that God has opened in a building in the center of town that would fit our needs and has the necessary parking to accommodate an assembly. We believe that the timing and the provision of the space were northing short of miraculous, and now it is up to us to walk forward in faith to see this transition through to completion. 

We hope that you will join us in this campaign, so that you can have an impact alongside of us. Please browse any of the available resources on this site and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have in the process.


To be a church that is CENTRAL to the community.

To more effectively COMMUNICATE who we are

To make a long term COMMITMENT to the town